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10 Greatest Moments!!!
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J.R's affairs became quite predictable but his shagging of Holly Harwood became the source of many tragic events.  First, the scenes with Sue Ellen going to Holly's to discover them in bed were tragic and sad for poor Sue Ellen (loved the music).  This discovery took Sue Ellen back to the bottle and led to a full out battle in the Southfork Livingroom between Sue Ellen and J.R.  Sue Ellen runs out, and Miss Ellie finally loses her temper with her son yelling 'You destoyed her again!"  Sue Ellen, drunk, rushes outside and jumps into J.R's car.  Lucy and Mickey are outside, and with Lucy's encouragement, Mickey tries to stop poor Sue Ellen.  Well, we all know what happened to poor Mickey, not to mention poor Southfork (Sue Ellen's alcohol was the reason the ranch ultimately ended up on fire) but the lead up to the accident had many of the principals together at Southfork, J.R, Sue Ellen, Ellie and Lucy and all hell broke loose!