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The Man


"Billy, dress me forever" was how Marilyn Monroe signed the famous nude calendar she gave as a gift to Travilla.

Travilla publicity photo, 1960s
  Travilla, the designer of the most exquisite dresses worn by Marilyn, is regarded as a master of screen glamour and legend of the international design arena. Their relationship -- which ventured from professional magic to personal admiration to romatic attraction -- is evident in the sketches and dresses, created with love and adoration in mind. The two are forever linked, and together produced ssome of the most memorable moments in film history -- especially the New York subway sidwalk grate scene from The Seven Year Itch.

Beyond his famous work with Marilyn, Travilla also worked with hundreds of other Hollywood stars.

Travilla and Monroe, 1953
  Everyone from Elizabeth Taylor to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis to Whitney Houston to Doris Day enjoyed the talent and skill of Travilla. Click here to view a list of Travilla's celebrity clientele. Known for being able to take any woman and make her look more beautiful, Travilla also began his own clothing line in the 1950s. Reinventing himself and defining style over the years became his trademark, as Travilla gracefully transitioned from the elegance of Hollywood's golden age to the modernity of 1980's Dallas.

During his career, Travilla won an Academy Award and two Emmys

Also designed for stars such as Linda Gray
 -- without ever going through the standard nomination process -- so respected was his work that his peers and contemporaries chose to submit his work for the industry's top honors.

Travilla passed away in 1990 and left the collection of costume drawings presented here to his longtime partner Bill Sarris. The pieces have never before been offered to the public and are beautifully printed, hand numbered, and presented in honor of both Marilyn Monroe and Travilla.